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WestVille House School

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westville house school Exceptional Education ranked in the top 50 preparatory schools by the sunday times



                                                              SKI TRIP DIARY 2017

Three weeks of ski training before departure have helped all the children get to grips with skiing. They have formed a great group and are so excited. They are looking forward to taking Serre Chevalier by storm!



Day 8 - Saturday 8th April

Heading back to Blighty and all ready for the off!

08.40 - Ready to go


Go Mrs Hammond!!!

15.45 - on plane and waiting to take off to sunny Yorkshire - see you all soon.

Day 7 - Friday 7th April

06.57 - All the children are still sleeping!!!


It's Test Day on the slopes today and the sun is shining

Guess who's having fun here?


Guess who has done a black run!!

13.00 -  Enjoying lunch, before hitting the slopes again! 



20.45 - Great memories...



See you all soon.



Day 6 - Thursday 6th April

8.30 - Amazing morning once again! The sun is shining, the snow is looking white on the tops! A fun filled day ahead for the Westville Ski Team! 


13.00 - It's been a ball this morning on the slopes! 

 Enjoying lunch before back out again in the sunshine and snow. Very happy children. 

15.00 What a team!


18.15 Going bowling for some evening fun





19.30  The food has been amazing



Day 5 - Wednesday 5th April 

    To quote Miss D...

"Morning team! 
  Miss D is not sure what day it is! 
  All I know is the children are having the most fantastic time! "

  Spirits are high for breakfast, ahead of another day on the slopes!


11.00 - Watching the WHS Ski School come down the mountains


12.25  Back in for lunch


Off the little team go.. back up to the mountains! 



16.15 Finishing off the day...ready for food!  Their faces say it all!



Day 4 - Tuesday 4th April

8.00 - Playing pool before breakfast!  Ready for another day in the sunshine!

9.50 - Off to Ski School. One happy Ski Team!


12.40 - Fantastic morning, back for lunch


3.00 - Back on the slopes


18.00 - Another amazing day!




Day 3 - Monday 3rd April

9.05am Hello from the Ski Team and a very Happy Birthday to one of our team! Birthday celebrations began at breakfast!

Everyone enjoyed an early morning walk into the village before Ski School.


11.40 - An awesome morning on the slopes




13.40 - Fun coming in for lunch 


14.45 - An absolutely brilliant day - the children are loving every minute!





17.50 - and still they're having so much fun!







19.00 - and then came a great tea and birthday celebrations!






Day 2 - Sunday 2nd April

8.30am Morning from the Ski Team. 
Enjoying breakfast, before making their way to the slopes! Miss D and Mrs Hammond were woken very early with the children stood outside the door ready to go! At 6am!!!!!! 


10.04 - Getting out on the slopes




14.40 The snow is coming down but sunshine is forecast for tomorrow

16.40 - Still Standing!


18.00 All is great - Just about to go for dinner! Tired children but still laughing and having fun








DAY 1 - Saturday 1st April

8.00am Westville House - And we are off! All children very giddy. 

10.40am Manchester Airport -  All through safe and sound. Food is clearly on all the children's minds!!        



     .... and they're off - lots of giggles from everyone. Serre Chevalier here we come!




16.15   Landed safely at Lyon. Last leg - off we go up into the mountains!


19.56. Everyone has arrived safely at the hotel. All the children are very excited and are now going down for dinner