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westville house school Exceptional Education ranked in the top 50 preparatory schools by the sunday times



                                                              SKI TRIP DIARY 2018

Three weeks of ski training before departure have helped all the children get to grips with skiing. They have formed a great group and are so excited. They are looking forward to taking Madesimo by storm!



 Go Mrs  Hammond!!!

Day 1 - Saturday 24 March 2018

Team Westville set off for Madesimo at 7.30am

FIrst stop Liverpool - Have an amzing trip!!

10.30 am - Everyone is through security and starting to check out the retail opportunities in the airport!

 11.45    Chilling in the airport.


12.15 - Boarding and ready to go:





Spectacular views...


15.15 - Landed safely in Milan - heading up the mountain with lots of very happy and excited children!!!


19.35 - We have all arrived safely in resort - looking forward to a yummy dinner and ski-fit...


7.00am: Everyone has slept well and enjoyed a good breakfast.


And then they're off:


12.30: First ski lesson complete - all children very happy. Enjoyed lunch the straight back out for the afternoon session. In the words of Archie "its amazing Miss D!"







Day 3 - Monday 26 March

After over 12 hours sleep the children are revived and ready to go again! 

It's snowing and very beautiful




Such a great day skiing and a tasty tea too!



Day 4 - Tuesday 27 March
The children are getting proficient and having lots of fun...






Happy days!!!


Day 5 - Wednesday 28 March - Good Morning from Italy




Day 6 Thursday 29 March 2018

Happy Birthday to Kitty on a very snowy day!






Day 7 Friday 30 March