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WestVille House School

Independent School For Girls & Boys

westville house school Exceptional Education ranked in the top 50 preparatory schools by the sunday times

Sportsmanship at Westville House School

Sportsmanship at Westville House School

High standards of sportsmanship and fair play are to be encouraged at all times within Westville House School by the children and parents alike.

All boys and girls representing the school will be expected to display excellent standards of behaviour both on and off the field/court, a respect for the opposition, the referee/umpire and one another as well as an ability to win and experience adversity graciously.

Sport and competition can play a very important part in developing a child’s level of self-esteem and well-being, as long as the main focus of feedback provided is positive and constructive at all times.

Please note, if your child is selected to represent Westville House, school sports fixtures take precedent over school trips and out of school commitments.

Advice for Parents:

Ø  Remember that young people play sport for their own enjoyment, not yours

Ø  Encourage young people to play

Ø  Be realistic - focus on the young player’s efforts rather than the winning or losing

Ø  Set a good example

Ø  Respect decisions made by the match officials and encourage others to do the same

Ø  Please could all parents refrain from entering the field of play at half time as this is a vital period when the coach needs to speak to his team