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WestVille House School

Independent School For Girls & Boys

westville house school Exceptional Education ranked in the top 50 preparatory schools by the sunday times

Pre-Preparatory Department (KS1 Ages 4-7)

Welcome from our Headteacher & KS1 Co-ordinator Mrs Nikki Hammond

In the Pre-Prep we recognise that every child is precious and unique.

During their time with us we want to inspire the natural curiosity and love of learning, so by the end of year 2 we have nurtured and developed the skills they will need to continue on with their educational journey.

We welcome you to Westville and to a world of excitement awaiting your child

…in the words of our teachers…


PP1 – In PP1 school has just begun! We have so much fun playing, nurturing and exploring each child’s individuality. Creating a secure and happy place that the children want to return to daily is essential, as is setting foundations for each child to go on to become competent learners.

PP2 – PP2 is a discovery year. The children continue the early Years Curriculum that began in PP1. The emphasis is still very much on learning through play, but getting to grips with phonics, learning to blend sounds into words and segmenting words into sounds becomes exciting for the children. Reading begins, everyday print starts to have meaning, pencil grip strengthens and correct letter formation is practised.

The children all begin swimming at the Ilkley Pool…a source of so much excitement to them, and they become prepared for the more structured activities of Key Stage One.



PP3 –we are very busy bees…the curriculum takes on a more formal approach but the emphasis is on fun and working with each child . Reading, phonics and handwriting are challenging and exciting …daily maths lessons are stimulating; and the specialist areas of science, geography, history, art and design and technology are introduced to expand horizons. Music is taught by a specialist twice a week, we take part in assemblies, shows and have lots of exciting trips to enhance our learning. Swimming and games lessons take part with the children form PP4 and this gives every child the chance to learn new skills, improve their fitness and become team players.

PP4 – In PP4 we do lots more!...we learn lots but importantly we have lots of fun! The children all start to learn French and learn a musical instrument. We enter the Wharfedale Festival with musical items and poetry renditions. As the children are the ‘top’ of the Pre=Prep they are given responsibilities…house captains at sports days and swimming galas, helping at lunch and with the younger children…and they are prepared for the move up to the Prep Department – The children are engaged, curious, happy and can’t wait to join the ‘big children’ in the Prep Department.