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WestVille House School

Independent School For Girls & Boys

westville house school Exceptional Education ranked in the top 50 preparatory schools by the sunday times

Keystage 2 Curriculum Overview

At Key Stage Two we continue to build on the firm foundations laid carefully in the Foundation Stage and at Key Stage One.  As your children grow up, the curriculum broadens further drawing on the rich experience of our subject specialist teachers.  This approach adds hugely to the children’s interest and enjoyment as well as helping each child to achieve their full potential.  Teaching is child based and adapted to individual needs, with qualified support available to give extra help to those who require it. There are plenty of exciting, challenging activities to involve all the children, including the most able.

Children in Key Stage Two enjoy the same high level of pastoral care from their teachers as before.  Good manners, caring for friends and high standards of behaviour are encouraged and rewarded.   Older children are given more responsibility as Prefects, House and Sports Captains, Monitors. As well as this, they often help out the younger pupils, both practically and as role models.

There is a wealth of opportunities for each child to shine and gain confidence and self-esteem.  As well as academic achievement, creativity is greatly valued at Westville through Art, Drama and Music with performance opportunities in Assemblies, Concerts and Festivals. Sport plays a large part in the school week, both competitively and at a less formal level with an emphasis on enjoyment, fitness and acquiring new skills.  We also have a full and varied programme of Clubs and Societies where the children can discover new skills as well as fostering existing talents.

Children can still take full advantage of the ‘Wrap Round’ care in the Sunrise and Sunset groups, arriving from 7.45am with care right through until 6.00pm. Children enjoy the happy friendly environment and parents find it an enormous boost for homework to have been completed before returning home.

The focus of the Prep Department is undoubtedly on ensuring that all the children are well prepared for the senior school of their choice. Indeed many of our children achieve scholarships to many Senior Independent schools as well as places at the selective Grammar schools.

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