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WestVille House School

Independent School For Girls & Boys

westville house school Exceptional Education ranked in the top 50 preparatory schools by the sunday times


In a world where electronic communication is used more and more, an excellent command of the English Language remains essential. Children at Westville House School are taught to handle and use it to their best advantage.  All those vital ‘basics’ continue to be taught and reinforced in lively and imaginative ways.

At Key Stage Two our children are taught to listen with care and good understanding and to speak with clarity and the best possible expression.  The effective communication of ideas orally and in writing is extended. Pupils continue to develop their handwriting to a high standard.  They learn to write clearly with good planning, varied vocabulary, confident spelling and capable handling of punctuation and grammar.

Reading with good understanding is fostered, together with the ability to tackle new and more challenging words, extending their vocabulary.  Reading aloud, often to a member of staff, encourages expression, confidence and fluency and continues regularly throughout the classes.